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₹1369.39 ₹1244.9 ₹1244.9 ₹1244.9
₹1479.72 ₹1479.72 ₹1479.72
₹2600 ₹499 ₹2600 ₹999
.org.in ₹486.75 ₹486.75 ₹486.75
₹1674.42 ₹1674.42 ₹1674.42
₹548.9 ₹499 ₹699 ₹699
₹7658.2 ₹7658.2 ₹7658.2
.company ₹584.1 ₹584.1 ₹584.1
₹2959.44 ₹2690.4 ₹2690.4 ₹2690.4
" No items could be found matching the criteria "
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Manage your domain name, renew your order and make the most of your purchase with our intuitive control panel.

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Get emails forwarded to alternate email addresses of your choice so that you can monitor all from a single account.

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External DNS Hosting can help speed up your website and improve availability with increased redundancy.

Manage your DNS records, email accounts, sub domains, aliases, FTP and more.

monitoring 24/7/365

Customise your nameservers

Customize how your domain's information is displayed in "Whois" searches.

monitoring 24/7/365

Lock and Unlock it down to prevent unauthorized transfers

Enabling theft protection for your domain name will protect your domain from being transferred out accidentally or without your permission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i manage my Uphosts domains?
  • As a customer, you get access to our user-friendly portal My uphosts. This easy-to-use portal is where you can setup auto-renewal of your Uphosts domain, manage your nameservers, setup registrar lock, DNS Management, renew your domain and much more.

Are domains and hosting Different?
  • Domains and web hosting are closely related, but separate services. A domain is the name used for your website. For example, Uphosts.online is our domain. Hosting, on the other hand, is what is needed to have your website appear online. Hosting is the space on a server where the files that your website is made of are stored.

Can i transfer my existing domain to zphosts?
  • Yes! To ensure the smoothest transfer process possible, you will want to make sure you have the EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) code from your current domain registrar, the domain name is unlocked and the domain's contact information is current. Follow these step-by-step instructions to transfer your domain.

Where can i buy Hosting?
  • Uphosts also offers high speed hosting solutions to help you get your site up and running. Whether you have a brand new site or an enterprise level eCommerce website, Uphosts hosting has a hosting solution that will fit your specific needs.

Can i view my site before DNS is pointed to Uphosts?
  • DNS propagation can take 24-48 hours to finish once you complete your domain's nameserver settings update. You won't be able to use your domain during this period. You can bypass DNS to see your site with the host's file or a Shared URL though. Follow these instructions to learn how to view your domain during this time.